Web Tools For Plymouth – Now What?

I recent gave a talk to the Devon Social Media Cafe about how we can use social media tools and web apps to improve our city . We had a good discussion about the tools we already use, tools we could start using and some of the issues to do with them, so this post is part of a series bringing that talk and and discussion out to the wider community.

So post your thoughts in the comments, get a conversation going and hopefully we’ll be able to come out with some concrete ways we can help Plymouth as a city.

first off, take a quick look at the first 2 posts in this series, which are examples of the kind of tools I’m talking about

What tools should we be using, or using better?

Do you have any examples of tools that work well that we should be using?

What have other cities done that’s worked for them?

What tools don’t exist that you would love to see?

How do we get people using the tools?

In the discussion at #dmsc, we concluded that while there are a lot of useful tools out there, most people don’t use them simply because they don’t know about them or don’t understand how to use them-

So how should we solve that?

Should there be a group running workshops for the general public on these tools or should it go into the existing IT education systems?

Should it be down to the council to choose, develop and promote useful tools or should we figure out ways of spreading tools with word of mouth?

Where should this fit in with the #loveplymouth social media stratagy?

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