Plymouth Geeks: Laptop Lan Party in the park (21st May 2011)

It’s almost summer, so who wants to be stuck inside playing video games when it’s sunny out?
So how about we bring the games out in the sun?

Meet us in the park with a fully charged laptop and some picnic grub, load up some multiplayer games and we can while away a relaxing summers day fragging eachother back to the stone age :-)

interested? here’s the important details:

  • first off, yes, this is a ridiculous and almost entirely pointless plan.
  • We’ll be in Beaumont Park from 1pm to 4pm on saturday the 21st of may

  • We’ll be setting up a wifi network and running open source games that don’t require a hardcore gaming machine, so as long as your laptop can handle wifi, quake 3 or a megadrive emulator and has an hours battery life, it’ll do. If you have a mouse, spare batteries, a UPS, bring that too.
  • for the love of cthulu, *BE ON TIME*. We’ll only have an hour or two of battery life, so if you turn up 2 hours late, you’ll have no one to play with.
  • bring picnic stuff and feel free to bring non computer games. DS, PSP, board games, roleplaying
  • there’s a facebook event here:

any questions, post a comment…

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