Idle Library- at last it lives!

I’ve been working on Idlelibrary on and off for over a year now, so it’s about time it gets thrown out to the public and actually used :-)

What is IdleLibrary?

It’s a book sharing site, for people who love their books and want other people to enjoy them too and for people who love libraries, but can’t find books they want.

The idea is that you put up whatever books you’re comfortable with your friends borrowing, then you can see what books eachother has and if you want to borrow something, idlelibrary tracks who you’ve lent what to and sends you reminders to return books you’ve borrowed.

It’s up to you who you lend books to, so you can lend books just to your friends or to anyone at all.

It’s still somewhat in development, so let me know what you think, what kind of improvements could be made and if you come across any bugs, tell me so I can fix them :-)

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