Iris mechanism jewellery box

These were based on an existing project by Ernesto_realize from instructibles, so most of the credit goes to him! I just fancied them up a bit. If you want to make your own, the files are on his indestructible and are really easy to follow.

Maker notes:

  1. I made mine out of 3mm wallnut and cherry, which was bloody expensive, but looks much nice than birch plywood or MDF
  2. Building up the base using 3mm rings required a lot of rings, so I got some 26mm wallnut (which was a pain in the ass to find) and used a CNC mill to cut the same shape using the same SVG (which was also a pain in the ass, because I had to relearn how the machine worked)
  3. I made mine a little bigger diameter, which was reaaaaally easy because Ernesto included the openSCAD files he used to generate the design, so to make a bigger version, you just change some variables and it builds the gears in the right sizes. Open source design is awesome!
  4. Instead of the M4 bolts ernesto used, I superglued 4mm aluminium rod, which let me skip 3 of the layers and makes the whole thing look a little less bulky. The downside is that it’s permenantly glued together and also if I screwed up during gluing, there’d be no way to undo it.
  5. I also ditched the washers that Ernesto used in favour of shimming a 1/2mm gap to give the leaves room to move. This worked pretty well, the leaves still moved freely, but don’t have room to wiggle too much.
  6. I sanded off the laser cutter burn marks with a dremel and then sprayed with nitrocellulose laquer