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I gave a talk to the Devon Social Media Cafe about how we can use social media tools and web apps to improve our city, here are some of the tools I talked about in case you haven’t seen them:


Freecycle is a recycling site where people with stuff they don’t need any more with people who need it so that we don’t have to throw quite so much away and don’t have so many fly-tipped TVs cluttering up alley ways.

so if you buy a new sofa and need rid of the old one, or you’ve decided to give up fishing and want to pass on your gear to someone who’ll use it, freecycle will hook you up with someone who needs it and can come pick it up off you.

It’s free to use and has about 3000 members, so there’s plenty going on there.

Devon Car Share

Our roads are chock a block with traffic every rush hour and anyone who has to drive to work is feeling the strain of rising petrol costs, so devon car share is a site which helps people set up car shares- if someone is already driving the same route as you every morning, it’s much cheaper to either hitch a lift with then, or let them hitch with you and split the cost of petrol.

Less cars on the road, money saved for everyone- check it out if your morning commute is getting to you.


Idle Library is my own recently launched project- It’s a way of effectively running your own library between you and your friends using the books sitting on your shelf gathering. You list the books you own and don’t mind your friends borrowing and idle library will keep track of who has borrowed what and send requests when one of your friends wants to borrow something and then reminders to return books until they give you it back.

I’m trying to use Plymouth as the first city it runs in, so it would be very cool to see plymouth people sharing their books, so sign up today.


It would be great if Plymouth had free, city wide wifi and the Fon project possibly has a way of making that happen.

With Fon, anyone who shares their home broadband connection to other Fon users gets to use the broadband of those other Fon users in return. Fon gives you a free wifi access point which handles the security and network setup, so you don’t have to worry about it.

So if everyone in the city used Fon, every inch of the city would be covered in a free wifi network

Have you got any other tools Plymouth people would find useful? Post them in the comments!

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